Ever wonder if your company retirement plan is actually working?

You’re not alone. While many employers offer a retirement plan to help employees save for their future, few can articulate whether their plan is really getting the job done. Teros can help you figure out if your plan truly works for all the people who are counting on it.

Confidence Check

Retirement plans come with complex data. If you’re not an expert data analyst (most people aren’t), here’s one key metric you can quickly measure on your own.

How confident are you in the following aspects of your company’s retirement plan?

If you feel less than 100% confident in any of these areas, it may be time to talk to a retirement plan advisor. Here’s what to ask.

What's in a plan?

Here’s what separates a great plan from a not-so-great one.

While all retirement plans share common components, how a plan is designed and managed makes a big difference. The most effective plans are designed with your organization in mind and monitored rigorously to keep participants engaged and on track.

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Who can you trust?

All retirement plan advisors are not created equal.

On paper, all Retirement Plan Advisors do the same thing. It’s how they do it that can make or break your plan outcomes. If you’re considering hiring a Retirement Plan Advisor (or reconsidering one you already hired), here are a few questions to help you dig a little deeper than the List of Services.

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We know our stuff. And we’ve got your back.

Most retirement plan advisors measure success by the number of plans serviced or dollars under management. At Teros, we look to a simpler metric: how many minds can we put at ease today? The way we see it, that’s what having a Retirement Plan Advisor is all about. Employers can rest easy, knowing that their plan is being properly and proactively managed to meet its goals. And employees can save confidently, trusting that the dollars they’re socking away today will pay off tomorrow.

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Ready to talk?

At Teros, we work to make sure our clients and their employees get everything they need and deserve from their retirement plans. By doing our job, we allow our clients to focus on their jobs.

Ready to talk to a Retirement Plan Advisor? Let us know.

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